How Much Better are we?


We have around 40-60% lower prices than our competitors.

Common Myth: Lead Generation is Expensive

The average SDR makes something like $48,000/year base. It costs the average start-up $310,000/year to build a small sales team of just two SDRs & a fractional manager, with the most basic tech stack, and no guarantee that they will actually grow revenue. We do it at a fraction of a cost.

Our Mission

At SalesDog, we believe in power of focus. 

Making an Impact

We’re convinced that being competitive and successful doesn’t mean doing it all — it means doing one thing with impeccable skill, drive and consistency.

Company Culture

Your product and your company are your number-one priority. Driving your growth and success is ours.


Competitor 1

No Qualified Leads

3 Month Contract



Competitor 2

 No Qualified Leads 

6 Month Contract



Competitor 3

7 Qualified Sales Opportunities (QSO)

9 Month Contract



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Fast Pipeline Turnaround


Qualified Sales Opportunities


Accelerated Revenue

Shared Know-How

Bridge the Gap Between Marketing and Sales

Convert QSO's into ARR

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