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SalesDog is a leading provider of qualified sales oportunities that helps fast growing SaaS companies on the market. We’ve developed a custom SalesUp platform as framework and roadmap for successful conversion of leads into relevant conversations with key decision makers. 


SalesUp is made as a combination of 15 years of industry best practices designed to target C-level, VP-level and Director level decision makers with maximum efficiency.

We’ve Got You Covered

Brand Protection

People have to know about your product or service before they can purchase it.

Engage B2B Buyer

Boost conversions through the roof – by learning what works, and what doesn’t.

Build Growth Plan

Demand generation involves every stage of the marketing funnel.

Execute Strategy

Reduce sales and marketing missalligment. Get QSO’s into your pipeline.



Continuously evaluate how the messaging is resonating with your audience. 


Boost Pipeline

Identify opportunities to streamline sales process and efficiency of sales team.

Improve Visibility

Attract multiple executive decision-makers and increase brand awareness.

Sales Optimization

Get the warmed qualified leads delivered to you alongside every tracked interaction.

Solve SDR problems once and for all

Early stage and emerging growth companies frequently experience difficulty generating leads after a start-up stage. Despite a huge number of newly developed sales tools, SDR teams still lack efficiency in generating consistent number of leads. That’s why we built SalesDog.


Success Stories

SalesDog is the best in the business to get you in front of the right role and organization you need to grow your organization.

SalesDog is vital for us to grow and they have been a part of our growth strategy for that last 7 years. Because of SalesDog team our practice has grown 30% year over year. And acquired new logos at a rate of 20/year.

I highly recommend SalesDog be part of your team to knock down doors and get you in front of the right people for your team to have the right discussions in the market.

Ken Ruiz

Principal, Crowe

I have had the pleasure of working with SalesDog for the past year. Luka and team have been professional, responsive and a true partner.

SalesDog has delivered high quality leads to our sales organization. The ramp up time was painless and quick. We actually started getting leads the first month of launch. All too often “lead gen” organizations over promise and under deliver. They have been flexible and adaptive when changes to messaging or targets were required.

SalesDog has delivered for our target market.

John Solecitto

EVP Sales and Marketing, Mozzaz Corporation

Fantastic sales enablement services! I would highly recommend Luka and SalesDog to anyone who is looking to increase their pipeline. I’ve been using SalesDog for 3 months to help generate more leads and meetings; and they have gone above and beyond with great results! Great team, very professional and friendly!

Jennifer Lawrence

Marketing Manager, CHESS Health

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